Lions Quest – Skills for Adolescence

What is Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence?

Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence (SFA) is a comprehensive positive youth development and prevention program designed for school-wide and classroom implementation in grades six through eight (10 to 14 years old). It involves educators, parents, and community members to develop the following skills and competencies in young adolescents:

  • Essential social and emotional competencies
  • Good citizenship skills
  • Strong, positive character
  • Skills and attitudes consistent with a drug-free lifestyle
  • An ethic of service to others within a caring and consistent environment

What are the benefits of Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence?

  • Support: nurturing school and classroom environment
  • Empowerment: service-learning opportunities throughout the course
  • Boundaries/expectations: high expectations for and clear standards against harmful behaviors, including drug use
  • Constructive use of time: engagement in positive activities
  • Commitment to learning: high motivation, meaningful involvement
  • Social competencies:
    — self-discipline, self-awareness, self-confidence
    — interpersonal communication>
    — decision making
    — anger and conflict management
    — problem solving and critical thinking
    — resisting drug use
    — stress management
    — healthy family relationships
    — goal setting
  • Positive identity: optimism about potential and the future

How does it work?

The classroom curriculum-based program may be delivered daily, two to three times per week, or weekly with equal effectiveness, depending on the implementation model. The learning model employs inquiry, presentation, discussion, group work, guided practice, and reflection to build positive social behaviors of self-discipline, responsibility, good judgment, and respect for self and others. It develops youths’ positive commitments to the family, school, peers, and community. Lions Quest SFA has a five-component structure for addressing protective factors that promote healthy, safe, and drug-free behaviors and risk factors for substance use, violence, and other high-risk behaviors.

Classroom Curriculum: 102 skill-building lessons; implementation models range from a minimum 9-week, 40-lesson mini-course to a 3-year program of all 102 lessons; 45-minute lessons are arranged into eight sequential, thematic units and a service-learning unit that extends throughout the curriculum.

Parent and Family Involvement: Parents and family participate through shared homework assignments, four parent meetings, a parent book, and direct involvement in school activities.

Positive School Climate: School staff, students, parents, and community members establish a school climate committee to reinforce curriculum themes through school wide events.

Community Involvement: School staff, parents, Lions Clubs and other service organizations, and youth-serving organizations participate in training workshops, school climate events, panel discussions, service projects, and parent meetings.

What training and materials are required for high quality implementation?

Training: Each adult facilitating the sessions must receive an introductory 2- or 3-day training to receive Lions Quest SFA program materials. Preset regional workshops scheduled by program staff and onsite contract workshops are also available.

Program Materials: Teachers leave the introductory workshop with the Lions Quest SFA Curriculum Kit consisting of: eight thematic units of study in separate booklets; Year 2 and Year 3 booster units focused on healthy living and drug prevention; a service-learning unit that permeates the entire curriculum; a student book called Changes and Challenges; a program guide; a parent meetings guide; a Drug Information Guide; and, a parent book called The Surprising Years. All these materials are necessary components to implement the program with high fidelity.

How do I get more information?

Contact: Lions-Quest; P.O. Box 304; Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
Phone: (800) 446-2700


Or go to the website:

Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence is listed on the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices