Iowa PROSPERing Step-by-Step, State-by-State (P2S) Demonstration Project

The Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute, Human Sciences Extension and Outreach, and ISU Extension and Outreach, will award three $80,000 grants ($40,000 per year for two years) to County Extension Offices in eligible counties in Iowa. These counties will become part of a two-year demonstration project called “PROSPERing Step-by-Step, State-by-State (P2S): An Extension-Based Opioid Prevention Training and Capacity-Building System.” The P2S project also is being funded by the US Department of Agriculture and by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The primary goal of the P2S project is to implement and evaluate an Extension-based prevention training and capacity-building system. The project is guided by the scientifically-proven PROSPER prevention delivery system, an evidence-based system that features a menu of tested and proven programs. Programs on the menu have a successful track record for preventing risky behaviors in youth, including substance misuse; promoting positive youth development; and strengthening families (see for more detailed information). For this demonstration project, the PROSPER system is being adapted to include content and prevention strategies to reduce the risks for opioid and prescription drug misuse. The P2S project includes training, technical assistance, and financial support for a county coordinator and team to implement the following activities:

  • Awareness building about opioids, substance misuse and related issues;
  • Use of a substance misuse response tool kit;
  • Research- or evidenced-based family programming;
  • Evidence-based school programming. 

Specialty trainings (e.g., media, environmental strategies) and sustainability planning also will be supported as part of the project. Participating counties will be provided with effective ways to address the opioid epidemic and achieve positive impacts for the youth and families they serve. Click here for additional detail on project opportunities and requirements.

Eligibility for this grant opportunity will be determined on the basis of the following criteria.

  1. The county meets the USDA’s criteria for being a non-metropolitan area and does not already have a PROSPER-related project in one or more communities. Click here for a list of eligible counties.
  2. The county is determined to have a sufficient level of readiness and capacity (or the ability to have it in place by the project start date) to perform the project activities, as will be indicated by completion of the P2S online Readiness/Capacity Assessment form. A copy of the items can be downloaded here; however, applicants must complete the online form by November 30, 2018.

The key aspects of readiness and capacity for the P2S project are as follows:

  • Clear support from the County Extension Council;
  • Adequate county staffing capacity;
  • Prior staff experience with items 1-4 in the second paragraph above;
  • Availability and readiness of one or more school districts in the county to participate in the P2S project;
  • Availability and readiness of one of more partners from behavioral health, public health and juvenile justice agencies or organizations.

Interested counties are encouraged to apply. Please direct your questions regarding the opportunity or the application process to

The counties selected to move forward in the application process will be invited to complete a full application by December 21, 2018. Initial groundwork and organization for the project will begin early January 2019. Initial trainings for the project will begin in February, 2019.